Silent Night

January 31, 2021
Chaos Theory
December 30, 2020

Silent Night was grown from Diffusion, Inflated and Taking Flight

T his final night of 2020 may be one of the quietest celebrations in decades, as we social distance our way into the new year.

But the world is anything but silent. The pandemic rages on, democracy is being threatened, and truth has been hijacked by a flood of conspiracy theories and lies. 2020 ripped us out of our comfort zones and showed us what could happen when our entire civilization is attacked by a mutual enemy. It showed we can work together, but it also revealed our deep-rooted flaws.

Beneath our feet simmers a much greater threat ready to explode onto the stage. The evidence is undeniable. The alarms have been ringing for decades. Climate change will become the next, much greater, challenge we face together.

With each passing day, the unthinkable destruction of everything we know and love gets closer to becoming our dystopian reality. Over the next stage of COVID-19 fiscal interventions, governments must engage in a green recovery and significantly raise their climate ambitions in 2021.

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