Sponsor a VINE

Each month, your VINE is gifted in your honor to grow the message for swift action toward a safer, more sustainable future. Recognition for your support is included with the gift, at traveling events, in the storybook and on the website

What You Are Supporting

T he Grapevine Wall is an engaging, interactive art collective telling the evolving story of humanity’s journey through our transformation into an era of sustainability and social evolution. Each VINE is a page in this chapter of transformation. This immersive project and accompanying traveling events builds connections and helps bring awareness to the severity of slow progress toward solutions in solving the most pressing issues of a changing climate.

From influencing local communities to international recognition as a world change leader, I have been honored to witness firsthand the positive effects from this project. Sponsors provide the funding needed to support FREE events to inspire, educate and celebrate the positive progress already achieved in creating a safer, more sustainable future.


  • Positive progress
  • Stories of leadership
  • Shared struggles
  • Overcoming adversity
  • Hard questions
  • Hope, joy and unity

"Creating that humanity, creating that emotional pull, creating that connection is incredibly important to us."

— GE Chief Marketing Officer Linda Boff


Shifting a few marketing dollars to support a cause that aligns with your company’s or personal ideals, values or purpose can open the door for trust and loyalty from target market influencers, partners and customers.

Unlike traditional advertising, sponsorship allows a company to stay front of mind with their target audience by tying an emotion to the positive experience of an event or, even better, an ongoing project. The goodwill created is priceless.

The people, brands and partners you work with every day are continuously advised by those who they know and trust who have the opinions, hearts and minds of the people like them. And they are compelled to share.


The message of this project stems from being connected, growing together and understanding the effects that our actions (or inaction) in dealing with climate change have on each other and the environment.

My mission is to use my art to show that dealing with climate change is really about solving social, economic and environmental issues and open discussions for a more unified understanding of the strengths of working together.

We are in a great time of transformation into a more sustainable, unified world where the Individuals, brands and businesses who stand out and demonstrate the strength of their values will outshine the negative issues.

Your support helps grow the message of hope, connection and a deeper understanding for one another. The more lives we touch, the more powerful the message grows!

A Growing Platform to Connect With Like-Minded Friends, Customers, Partners and Influencers

Growing these connections offers a well-deserved competitive advantage

“The brands that will thrive in the coming years are the ones that have purpose beyond profit.”

— Sir Richard Branson


Highlighting your brand’s values through sponsorship is one of the best tools to strengthen your brand’s visibility in the marketplace and loyalty with its customers

I am driven to ensure your brand is in front of influential and powerful champions who share your values and make it easy for them to share the message. Having worked during my professional career with many large corporations such as GE Power, Turner Broadcasting and Home Depot, I have learned the importance of maintaining a consistent brand identity that aligns with its core values.

Here's What You Get


A hand signed, authenticated 11 X 14 framed VINE print is one of the most popular items requested from the project. That is why I made it possible to give one on behalf of my sponsors.

Each month, a special package with your VINE is given to a recipient of your choice, a follower of the project or an attendee at an event.

Your logo and crafted message will be included on the VINE information page and physical letter to accompany your monthly gift.

Each Gift Package Includes:

  • One high quality 11” X 14” print of your VINE
  • Glass frame encased and ready to hang
  • Inspected and Signed by the artist
  • Signed Certificate of Authenticity
  • Personalized letter with your logo and message
  • Wrapped, packaged and delivered


Your sponsored VINE is available for all to visit from any device at any time in two distinct ways – (1) VINE profile page and (2) interactive storybook.

The VINE profile page provides details of the work alongside your personalized message to let visitors know who you are and why you chose the particular VINE. This is a short and sweet way to get in front of like-minded influencers.

The Interactive storybook gives visitors the chance to explore the deepest parts of the VINES as well as learn about current events, watch informative videos and discover a wide variety of media. Your logo and link are included inside the interactive storybook at the location of your sponsored VINE.

Highlights include:

  • 24/7 accessibility
  • Your logo and link
  • Your crafted message
  • Global reach
  • Presented at events
  • Updated regularly


My sponsors give me the ability to offer a growing number of FREE public events and private viewings. With the support of the funds, I am able to reach farther and provide a richer experience at these shows. There are many costs associated with these events, such as travel, equipment, paying collaborators, media and much more.

These events help grow the message of community and connection through our ongoing journey into sustainability. They capture the emotions inside us and evoke deep conversations of stories begging to be told.

At the shows, your logo and recognition is highlighted on a sponsor wall and next to your VINE when displayed during the event.

Show highlights include:

  • Interactive Storybook
  • Speakers, music, art
  • Discussions with artist
  • Your logo at all shows
  • Social engagement
  • Growing collaborators

There are also co-creator events available where attendees become a part of the art collective. This unique interactive art experience turns passive art lovers into active art creators. If you are interested in learning more go to the Book and Event page here.


Get 365 days of exposure and opportunity to reach and inspire the people, partners and clientele most aligned with your values at a fraction of the cost you would pay for traditional marketing

$/Month Savings $/Year
Annual Plan (BEST) $100 $300 $1,200
Month-to-Month $125 -- $1,500

As more VINES are sponsored the price of the program will increase. However, once you are part of the program, your price will not. That means as the project gains more and more recognition, attention and coverage, your ROI will continue to increase!

Public Responsibility and Professionalism Promise

As the artist and face of the project, I am committed to maintaining a professional duty to the public. My promise is to conduct myself in a professional manner, sharing my attitude toward positive interactions and experiences.

I have built, and promise to maintain, a personal brand that remains aligned to the values and goals of those I touch through the artwork and events from the Grapevine Wall experience.

Thank You!

Craig Tilley

I understand the importance of building a trusting relationship, and that making a decision to support a cause that aligns with (and maintains) itself to your own values is one that is not taken lightly. I would be happy to discuss or answer any questions you may have in making the decision to support this project.

Questions? Call 770.355.7779 or email: hi@grapevinewall.com