Have a big event coming up? Looking for something fresh to offer at your venue? I will deliver an experience that will dazzle and inspire!

Y our Grapevine Wall interactive event invites your group to experience the joy of creating together, while connecting participants to the largest single group art collective ever conceived.

The Grapevine Wall is an evolving, social art collective documenting humanity’s surreal journey into an era of sustainability, social evolution and deeper connection.

Participants form the foundation for a VINE – the building blocks of the Grapevine Wall. Each VINE tells a piece of the collective story and is added to the growing canvas. Your guests help cultivate a community around creativity, courage, and connection.


The Lines Are Drawn

Each participant (called co-creator) draws a line on the canvas to form the foundation of a VINE. These lines are never altered and directly influence what the completed piece will become.

There are only two rules:

These help highlight the co-creators lines more clearly in the completed piece.

  • Each line must be one continuous line
  • Lines cannot cross over nor touch any others

Each line is numbered and tagged to the participant's name for recognition as a co-creator of the VINE and supporter for a safer, more sustainable future

A Story is Created

Attendees watch the lines connect and witness the story unfold. This process can be seen on a large screen or wall projection.

As the artwork takes shape, attendees can explore the interactive storybook and talk with the artist to learn more about the project. Attendees are also encouraged to gather in open discussions around personal views or stories they would like to share.

As the VINE grows, a story begins to emerge

Each stroke of the pen brings an opportunity for symbolic elements and meanings to form. Many of these elements are present throughout the entirety of the project and play a big role in telling the overall story.

List of Symbols

The Grapevine Wall Symbols

There are static and fluid meanings to many elements in all of the Grapevine Wall VINES. Here are a few that have emerged.

Eggs = new ideas/beginnings Eggs with cracks = opportunity lost/in jeopardy Chicks/chickens = frailty/innocence/fragile Crosses = hope/love/unity Cities/buildings = humanity’s growth (good/bad) Piping = connections/flowing Oil = unfavorable reliance to the past Dinosaurs = fossil fuel industry Birds = insightfulness/freedom Vines - white = strength/lifeline Vines - black = resistance/stagnation/fear Vines - Green = growth/progress Fish = food system/nourishment Leaves = beginnings/movements

There are many more hidden symbols and meanings. Some meant for only you to discover. Like recognizing a hidden image once it’s pointed out, when you begin to realize you are part of a big story, you start to discover your true self.

I attract their attention and deliver your message

Whether the action unfolds at a private event, in a public space or a trendy bar, the chance to witness a piece of art spontaneously developing never fails to thrill the co-creators and onlookers alike

Attention is the new economy. It is the world’s most valuable resource. You shape hearts and minds only with attention. I think that is where the market will swing back to.

Joe Marchese at Cannes.

Live Performance

Appearances & Speaking



The experience doesn't end when your event is over

The VINE will continue to grow over the next few weeks as the lines are transformed into the completed piece. In the end, a new story is formed, and the VINE is ready to be added to the wall. All co-creators receive an exclusive hand-signed print framed and ready to hang

The VINE is Completed

Over the next few weeks, the VINE is meticulously refined into the final piece. As it continues its growth, lines and edges are smoothed out, and new elements can emerge that deepen the artworks intricacy and story.

Once the VINE is completed, the artwork is sent to a local specialty print artisan for printing. Each VINE is hand-cut, inspected, signed by the artist, wrapped and packed for shipping or hand delivery.

The Gifts

Once all prints are completed, inspected and signed, a special translucent print is prepared for each participant to indicate their line location. A personal letter is also prepared and a signed certificate of authenticity is completed. Package includes:

  • One high-quality 11” X 14” print of your VINE
  • Glass frame encased and ready to hang
  • Inspected and signed by the artist
  • Signed Certificate of Authenticity
  • Personalized letter
  • Wrapped, packaged and delivered

Plus One Large 24" X 30" Hand-signed Gallery Canvas

parallax background

Have You Ever Wished You Could Have Your Own Trading Card?


Your group's VINE includes it's very own VINES for Humanity Trading Card

We are introducing these VINE Trading Cards and Puzzle Maps into the hands of kids, schools and visionary organizations, and the feedback has been phenomenal. Look for these to be popping out soon.

Your VINE is Added to the Wall

The coolest part is that your finished VINE is added to the Grapevine Wall and grows into the project.

As the project grows, it will become the largest single art collective ever conceived, with hundreds of stories and emotional meanings that make it a shared journey for all involved.

All co-created VINES are accompanied by a list of the participants with corresponding numbers to show how each line influenced the final piece. Participants will be forever memorialized as a part of a positive message of connection and goodwill towards each other.

What is an art collective? An art collective is a technique for collectively creating art from numerous artist (or in this case numerous co-creators). It breaks free of the most basic foundation of artistic production: the idea that art is the product of a single artist’s creative imagination.


The masterplan of the Grapevine Wall is a grid of six square sections. Once all six sections are completed, a 360 degree immersive experience made up of over 400 unique VINES will link together.

6 walls
80 VINES/side
40 VINES/top
40 VINES/bottom
400 VINES Total

Your participation will be on display worldwide 24/7 inside the 360 degrees VR experience

How to Apply

Shows can range from large corporate events to intimate gatherings for friends and family

Ideal for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives, Team Building, Large Events, Small Functions, Holiday Parties, Festivals, Weddings and any gathering with groups of six or more.

There are also options to include a full production with entertainment collaborators and speakers. We can discuss these options and go over all details of your event. U.S. Shipping is included for delivery of prints. International rates may apply.

Limited Spots Available

Due to diminishing real-estate, each Co-created (SEED) Event will increase in price

Contact to Apply

Fill out the form below or call 770.355.7779 to book your experience TODAY! There are a fixed number of spots available so apply to reserve yours before it's too late.

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Public Responsibility and Professionalism Promise

As the artist and face of the project, I am committed to maintaining a professional duty to the public. My promise is to conduct myself in a professional manner, sharing my attitude toward positive interactions and experiences.

I have built, and promise to maintain, a personal brand that remains aligned to the values and goals of those I touch through the artwork and events from the Grapevine Wall experience.

Thank You!

Craig Tilley

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