February 28, 2020
Free Frawl
January 30, 2020

Diffusion was grown from Atrophy of Consciousness, Domesticated and Relics

A s we quietly disseminate into a 'hive' mentality, we will eventually find it difficult to pinpoint the exact moment when everything changed.

You hear it everywhere… exponential growth, artificial intelligence, brain-to-computer interfaces, autonomous vehicles, robot takeover and the convergence of man and machine.

The fact is, all of these technologies and the concerns that come with them have been around for many years...some for decades. We might say this is when they all became real, mostly due to advanced processor speeds, storage capacity, energy innovations and decades of data mining.

The only way to cross this threshold with an abundance-for-all mindset is to get ahead of technology with a renewed sense of human intelligence.

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