Novel Circuitry
January 31, 2021
Silent Night
December 30, 2020

Dethroned was grown from Matriarch, Escaping Annihilation and Inflated

T he 6th of January, 2021, will be an unforgotten day. A day of shame. A day that revealed the vulnerabilities and divisions of our great nation...and the world had a front row seat.

But this day also woke up many, as they witnessed a most likely end to a tyrant’s influence on a nation in pain. While those involved in the siege on our nation should be held accountable, it is time to get to work and prepare for the challenges that we face together.

Each dethroning crowns new leadership. I feel the Biden administration is the best chance we have to face the challenges ahead and win the race to the green revolution before it’s too late. As much as the industrial revolution brought us all the riches we enjoy today, this new revolution could bring us into a future we could only dream of….and save our planet in the process.

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