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Are you up for the challenge?

In a world facing global challenges, connection is our greatest strength.

We're creating a global art-collecting movement that connects people worldwide through a shared, epic experience. By empowering everyone to discover, collect, and celebrate art, VINES is forging meaningful connections across all of humanity.

How to Participate 

In short: hold at least one VINE (physical or digital).

Each holder of a VINE represents a connection. By collecting and sharing, you contribute to a global movement celebrating and strengthening the bonds that can help us navigate our interconnected world. 

  1. Collect and share VINES to keep the chain going and become part of this world-record-setting collective art experience.
  2. Document your participation in the challenge on social with #vinechallenge

Our Ambitious Goals

VINES for Humanity is not just an art collection; it is a global movement with audacious aspirations.

Setting World Records

When you hold a VINE, you become part of the world's most connected art movement, helping us achieve a few world record goals in the meantime:

  1. The largest connected art collection.
  2. The largest hand-drawn digital illustration by a single artist.
  3. The most recorded line strokes on an illustration.
  4. Longest time spent creating an illustration by a single artist

Each holder of a VINE is more than just an art collector; they represent a connection, a thread woven into the intricate tapestry of humanity.

What are VINES?

Each VINE is one of 386 unique art pieces that link together to form an infinity art cube. The record-breaking cube masterpiece chronicles humanity's 6,000-day journey as we bridge the gap between 2013 and 2030.

Each month, two new VINES are added to the collection, encapsulating our shared history as it happens in real-time.

Why Join the Challenge?

  • Own a Piece of History: Each VINE is a unique masterpiece, meticulously hand-drawn to inspire and provoke thought.They are more than mere additions to a collection; they are tangible reflections of our shared human experience.

  • Forge Connection: VINES for Humanity is a bridge that transcends geographical boundaries, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration among individuals worldwide. By collecting the VINES, we strengthen the interconnectedness that binds us all.

  • Build Your Legacy: Your participation in this historic endeavor will echo through the annals of time, leaving an indelible mark on our shared journey.

Just as the future of our world depends on unity and connection, meeting this challenge requires our collective effort.

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Thank you,

By participating in this world record-setting art-collecting challenge, individuals contribute to a global movement that not only celebrates humanity but also strengthens the bonds that can help us navigate and overcome the challenges of our interconnected world.

With boundless creativity and unwavering hope,

Craig Tilley