Chaos Theory

Liquid Nation
November 29, 2020
Silent Night
December 30, 2020

Chaos Theory was grown from Mind Funk, Rage and Escaping Annihilation

I f we could observe the underlying patterns of the chaotic, complex systems that fall out of our comprehension, we would realize the interconnectedness of everything.

For centuries, our minuscule sensory mechanisms have blinded us to all frequencies outside the narrow range of the electromagnetic spectrum that we see as light and colors. Our reality has lived in the very small comfort zone that we call “normal”, as opposed to the mind-boggling workings of the very small, very large, and very fast.

While we see destruction and decay in the uncertainty of chaos, the universe, in all its wonder, has a different story.

As our digital instruments get smarter and more powerful, will we ever find the truth about our existence, or will we remain the enlightened species doomed to eternal ignorance?

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