The Grapevine Wall

Hundreds of Artworks Revealing One Epic Story

The Wall tells a real-time story of us, Highlighting the connections we share with each other, our planet, and the technologies we are creating.

It exposes our impact on the future of all life on earth, and reminds us to consider the consequences of our actions.


Each Artwork is a VINE

Every month, two new VINES are added

Each chapter is a wall connecting 80 VINES. On New Year's Eve, 2030, the final two VINES will be revealed.

Current Stats

  • 8 Years
  • 178 Artworks
  • 2,860 Hours*
  • 2.4 Million Strokes*

* Strokes and hours are documented from the Procreate app on my iPad.

Chapter 1: "The Revelation" 2013 - 2017

The Grapevine Wall – Chapter 1

  • 80 Artworks
  • 860,000 Strokes
  • 960 Hours

During this chapter, the climate began to enter the global spotlight. While many have been sounding the alarm on climate change for decades, this period marked serious acknowledgment from leaders around the world.

Chapter 2: "The Awakening" 2017 - 2020

The Grapevine Wall – Chapter 2

  • 80 Artworks
  • 1.28 Million Strokes
  • 1,600 Hours

This explosive chapter revealed the tidal wave of innovations crossing from the deceptive phase into the disruptive as technological advancements began to converge into exponential growth.

Chapter 3: "The Revolution" 2020 - 2024


These 3 ½ years will be some of the most testing for our civilizations' history. This revolution can be one of artistic and cognitive renaissance or a violent uprising that could put humanity out of reach of the goals needed to save our future. The choices are in our hands.