A 6,000-Day Surreal Trip Into 2030

The Grapevine Wall is an evolving illustration on a cube canvas influenced by current events.

For over a decade, artist Craig Tilley has been illustrating a massive canvas of interconnecting artworks (called VINES) that piece together our story in real-time as humankind approaches its final exam.

Each month, two new VINES are completed, adding to the visual puzzle as well as the unfolding story of our survival into the Great Transition.

On New Year's Eve 2030, the final two VINES will connect all 386 VINES that make up the massive infinity cube canvas, ending our exam and revealing the conclusion to our story.

Time Remaining











Time Frame

July 29, 2013 - January 1, 2030

6,000 Days

(16 years, 5 months, 3 days)

The Canvas



Current VINE Count


Estimated Total Strokes

5 Million

Current Stroke Count*


* Strokes are calculated from the Procreate app on my iPad.


About the Artist

Craig Tilley is an artist, storyteller, and visionary who is redefining the boundaries of art and human connection through his immersive social art project, the Grapevine Wall: VINES for Humanity. Tilley's journey is one of resilience, creativity, and a profound understanding of the human experience.

On July 29, 2013, Craig boarded a plane with an iPad and an idea that would transform...

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Five Chapters

Two new VINES are illustrated each month, revealing more of the illustration and the story's direction.

From the Revelation to the Final Exam, Chapter 5, we will be tested, broken down, and lifted up.

Chapter 4: "The Rebuild"
Jan 2024 - May 2027


  • 10 of 80 Artworks
  • 124,612 Current Strokes

Chapter Four, aptly named "The Rebuild," promises to be an exciting and equally challenging journey. The next 1,246 days will likely bring a series of rebuilds, both positive and unforeseen, as we navigate the complexities of crucial elections, exponential advancements in AI, biotech, and robotics, and the ever-present challenges of war, social disruption, and climate change.