The Ultimate Art Card Collection

Unfold the Story, Connect the Cards, Discover AR Magic!

The VINE cards interlock to form the stunning infinity art CUBE. Collect them all at once to complete the masterpiece, or share the wonder by gifting them to art lovers, collectors, or anyone who appreciates unique and interactive experiences.

Explore the Chapters


Chapter One

"The Revelation" - July 2013 to Jan 2017

  • 1,280 Days
  • 80 VINES
  • 991,236 Line Strokes

This chapter marked the beginning of an epic journey that will test our perseverance, character, and humanity itself. After decades of warnings, world leaders finally began to take climate change seriously. The future felt hopeful through this chapter, suggesting that we have the opportunity to address our most challenging problems using technology and economic progress, igniting a period of innovation and hope as we embarked on the next chapter in our story.

Chapter Two

"The Awakening" - Feb 2017 to July 2020

  • 1,246 Days
  • 80 VINES
  • 1,087,117 Line Strokes

In this dynamic chapter, we witnessed the emergence of a wave of groundbreaking innovations shifting from a deceptive phase to a disruptive force.As technological advancements converged, they began to propel exponential growth. However, the narrative takes an unexpected turn with the onset of the global pandemic. It exposes the fragility of our interconnected global economy and societal structures, giving rise to fear, anxiety, and anger. This seismic event sets the stage for a divergence in political ideologies and human interactions. 

Chapter Three

"The Revolution" - Aug 2020 to Dec 2023

  • 1,248 Days
  • 80 VINES
  • 926,597 Line Strokes

In this chapter, a digital art renaissance unfolded and abruptly waned in the midst of a whirlwind of extremist uprisings, conspiracy theories, and conflicts that often obscured the genuine potential of cryptocurrency, the metaverse, and advances in green technologies. Then came the biggest revolution of them all: artificial intelligence. AI became the fastest mass-adopted technology in history, and humanity embraced it eagerly, seeking new ways to live, work, create, and communicate.