Fluff Flingers
October 25, 2017
September 22, 2017

Bonded was grown from Serenity and Misleaders

F rom our personal relationships to our influences on the natural world around us, the bonds we share go deeper and wider than we can imagine.

The strength of these bonds is exemplified when we feel an overwhelming joy inside us after witnessing a selfless act or becoming part of a movement that we truly believe in.

It is said that we suffer when we focus on our own needs before others. When we focus on ourselves, we not only begin to unweave the very fabric of our humanity, but we also harm ourselves through our own illusions of suffering such as loss, having less and feeling a sense of never.

We must realize that nothing is permanent and we are the fabric of a beautiful future woven together to serve each other as we mend the suffering of yesterday and create a world of appreciation, grace and gratitude for tomorrow.

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