September 22, 2017
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August 18, 2017

Misleaders was grown from Mudslide and Wine Break

A leadership position should be held with the best intentions for the people they serve. “We the People” need to protect this right and question any authority working to mislead and confuse us.

There is no doubt that the American political system has been turned upside down. Sometimes it is good to rattle the cage and put the people in power on their toes to hold them accountable. However, there is a limit, and we must not be blinded by the tricks and tactics to confuse “Us the People” into a vicious battle among ourselves.

We are one race – the human race, and we must keep that in mind as we trudge together in this valley of hate and fear. We will overcome, but when and at what cost. The time is now to stand up against any bully politician, extremist or hate group.

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