September 29, 2017
August 30, 2017

Monoculture was grown from Leaving Adversity and Antagonist

G rowing only one plant, called monocropping or monoculture, has taken its toll on the sustainability of our food supply, resulting in major soil nutrient depletion and a steady decline in our health.

Monocropping (mainly corn, soy, wheat) tends to deplete the soil’s nutrients over time and leaving fields bare for the winter can hasten erosion. Monocrops also provide a friendly home for pests that happen to like that crop, since it shows up reliably, every spring. This vulnerability has led to more pesticide and herbicide needs which, in turn, lose effectiveness with each application, rendering the need for stronger poisons and GMO seeds. And because soil structure and quality are so poor, farmers are forced to use chemical fertilizers to encourage plant growth and food production.

Our bodies need a few essential factors to stay healthy. Arguably the most important is our good gut bacteria. Over 100 Trillion of these bacteria make up what is called your microbiome. A healthy and balanced gut microbiota is key to ensuring proper digestive functioning, helps with the production of some vitamins (B and K), helps us combat aggressions from other microorganisms, and plays an important role in the immune system.

Monocrop production practices using pesticides and herbicide resistant GMO seeds are killing our microbiome, causing obesity, inflammation, autoimmune disorders, and a handful of life-threatening chronic diseases. Because the agriculture industry is slow to change, it is up to us to protect ourselves and our families.

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