See Level

August 30, 2017
Fool’s Gold
July 17, 2017

See Level was grown from Decoy

W hy, when the truth is staring us in the face we often choose to ignore or oppose it.

Why is seeing not always believing? Do we follow the herd too often? Do we base our judgements on who we follow or what we have been conditioned to believe? Can we change out of sheer desire or must we require a catalyst to jolt us into transformation?

These questions plague me as I witness our country get ripped apart by the forces of greed and unconsciousness. In the end, I believe “We the People” will prevail and truly become the one race many of us hope to be…the human race…working together to mend a world that has been so gracious to us, while we strip it from its natural resources.

The tides will rise. Our planet will warm. There will be many hardships ahead as we deal with the actions that got us here. We must, however see at a unified level so we can fix what is broken and heal our racial, political and anti-societal wounds.

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