Private Eyes
October 31, 2019
Prime Time
September 29, 2019

Relics was grown from Disposed

W hen we allow the fading trinkets of our past to become the guiding beacons of future actions, we become blinded by the comfort of its deceptive brilliance.

Like the inability to grasp the slow ascent of sea levels on our coastlines, we are not conditioned to see the hazards of swimming in the overflowing river of our own unwavering beliefs.

As the surveillance economy delivers each of us more of what we focus on, it is more crucial than ever to question our past beliefs and focus on what we need, rather than what we fear.

How we see the world is determined by what matters to us. What matters to us will change. Submerge the decaying relics of your past to emerge with the clarity and confidence to change the future.

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