Atrophy of Consciousness

Private Eyes
October 31, 2019
Divine Interpreter
November 30, 2019

Atrophy of Consciousness was grown from Prime Time, In Harmony and Disposed

A s we allow more tasks to be handled by the technologies we create, will we descend down a path of mindlessness or use this newfound freedom to level up our human intelligence?

We are at the crossroads as we enter a new revolution spawned by the explosive speed of exponential growth in multiple converging industries. Much like the industrial revolution flourished at the expense of nature, this new technology revolution fueled by the surveillance economy threatens our human nature.

We mustn’t fall prey to losing the magical flaws and soft skills that make us human. We bring the story of our existence to life through the actions of each unique role we play. We are the unconscious creators of the story of us.

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