Escaping Annihilation
October 28, 2020
Taking Flight
September 30, 2020

Rage was grown from Getting Zucked

W hy are we so divided and at each other's throats? Why are people you respect taking positions opposite to what you know is "right"?

The answer lies in the algorithms that have been controlling our thoughts and actions in the background of our social feeds, media streams, and real-world interactions.

This month, a documentary called "The Social Dilemma" hit the world with eye-opening revelations, with warnings from tech experts sounding the alarm on the dire consequences of their creations.

As they change our society, the creators and benefactors of this societal dilemma are constructing bubbles in order to prepare for the worst. None of us are safe from the threat of the convergence of AI systems. We now live in the system. It is up to us to change from within. Teach the system who we are as individuals by turning off recommendation engines and intentionally seeing reality from multiple perspectives.

As the great Billy Corgan would most certainly say, "Despite all our rage, we’re still just rats in the cage". In order to free ourselves, we must first open our minds.

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