Private Eyes

Atrophy of Consciousness
November 30, 2019
October 31, 2019

Private Eyes was grown from Jonah and Sim Cities

M uch like the industrial age created industries that would relentlessly exhaust the natural world’s physical resources, the age of surveillance is generating the next revolution in economic domination through the manipulation of data in our daily lives.

Initiated by Google’s realization of the extreme value in the behavioral surplus generated by data collection, we find the players in this new economy infiltrated in every sector of our civilization.

Trading our privacy for the “free to use” services could find us in a future with little personal discovery and decision making that make us the unique, independent adventure seekers we were created to be.

This will only intensify as digital and physical worlds merge, allowing the surveillance economy to creep deeper into our lives, controlling what we see, think and feel, as it ruthlessly tries to make us more predictable (thus more valuable)

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