In Harmony

Escape Velocity
November 21, 2017
Seeking Sonder
October 31, 2017

In Harmony was grown from the lines drawn by the city of Suwanee's Mayor and dedicated city leaders for the Suwanee Jazz Fest Live VINE drawing performance on October 14th, 2017

J ust as the simultaneous combination of tones creates an audible harmony to our ears, there is a social rhythm of life that flows when we are in harmony with each other.

As we dance to our own rhythms within the vastness of our complex lives, we have the ability to experience moments where the self vanishes and we can escape into our own safe world built by our dreams and guarded by our fears.

But when we experience the rhythm as one in harmony with each other, we have the ability to transcend our differences and unite in a chorus of hope, happiness and joy. Being in harmony with those around us means we are in flow with the natural world.

The power of a collective synchronized rhythm that unfolds in space and time that you can actually step into unites a crowd where everybody becomes one thing. This collective experience is when the music purges us and we come out the other side connected.

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VINE Co-creators

The number next to each co-creator’s name coincides with their number on the canvas.

Drag the center arrow to reveal the numbered lines and completed VINE.

  1. Linnea Miller
  2. Dick Goodman
  3. Dan Foster
  4. Denise Brinson
  5. Mayor Jimmy Burnette
  6. Marty Allen
  7. Beth Hilsher
  8. Doug Ireland

Highlights from the Event

Here is a video showing some highlights from the evening as I grew the VINE surrounded by the sounds of five of the area's smoothest and most eclectic solo and group jazz artists.