Prime Time

October 31, 2019
Thoughtful Jesters
September 29, 2019

Prime Time was grown from Distortion

W hile release from the shackles of prime time entertainment should have allowed us to control our media consumption in exchange for more time freedom, it has done the opposite.

The world of always-on entertainment takes us down endless mazes of rabbit holes, leaving us with a shallow understanding of disconnected information and robbing us of meaningful experiences.

Whether for survival or approval, we focus on the stations that feed us fear and uncertainty. As we perceive the meticulously constructed world around us, we are comforted by reinforcing data flowing into our minds, then rearranging them to fit our programmed biases.

The freedom to channel surf allows us to find perfectly constructed reality in lieu of seeing what is truly important, but sometimes we need to see the things we close out to understand reality from multiple angles.

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