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VINE Artworks offer a striking visual experience for any space.

Each VINE is a hand-drawn, surreal illustration capturing human experiences and current events, forming an Infinity Cube Masterpiece that chronicles our journey to 2030.

Available individually or in collections, VINES enhance spaces from offices to homes.

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Key Benefits:

100% Hand-Drawn

Each VINE is a meticulously hand-drawn piece, capturing the essence of human experiences and current events in a surreal style.

Connecting Collectors

Each VINE is part of the Grapevine Wall Infinity Cube Masterpiece, linking collectors in a global narrative of humanity's journey into 2030.

Certified Authenticity

Each VINE comes hand-signed by the artist, Craig Tilley and includes a signed certificate of authenticity, guaranteeing its genuine value.

Flexible Display Options

Available as individual pieces or curated collections, suitable for corporate offices, educational institutions, or private residences.

Customizable Selections

Choose from a vast collection of VINES or customize your piece with any area from the Grapevine Wall canvas, making each piece truly unique.

Augmented Reality

Through AR technology, artworks come alive, adding an engaging digital layer to the physical piece.

Regular Updates

Two new VINES are created each month, allowing for quarterly swaps to keep your art fresh and current.

Size and Shape Flexibility

Customizable to any size or shape, fitting perfectly into your desired space. Or go even bigger with a customizable mural.


Tailor your VINE to your vision without premium pricing, offering unique, personalized art at accessible rates.

Conversation Starters

These thought-provoking artworks add depth to any space, sparking conversations and engaging viewers in a unique visual experience.

Exclusive VINES: A Unique Art Experience

Discover the extraordinary world of VINES, where each piece is more than just art – it's a personal connection to a visionary narrative:

  • Exclusive, Limited Edition: Each VINE is printed on demand, ensuring its rarity and uniqueness. These are not mass-produced pieces, but carefully curated reproductions of Craig Tilley's original artworks.

  • Personal Connection: As a first-time purchaser, you'll engage in a minimum five-minute conversation with the artist, Craig Tilley. This exclusive interaction provides insight into the artwork's creation and meaning.

  • Part of a Larger Story: Every VINE is interconnected, forming a vast narrative tapestry. Join a community of collectors who share in this evolving artistic journey.

  • Authenticity Guaranteed: Each print is certified and personally signed by Craig Tilley, ensuring its legitimacy and connection to the original artwork.

  • Handcrafted Originals: The original VINES are meticulously hand-drawn, with these prints faithfully reproducing Craig's skilled artistry.

  • Inspiring Vision: Created by a vision-impaired artist, these VINES represent triumph over adversity and offer a unique perspective on the world.

Experience art that goes beyond the visual – become part of a story, a community, and a vision for the future with your own exclusive VINE

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Immerse yourself in VINE art through our personalized concierge service or self-guided gallery experience.

Ideal For:

  • Corporate lobbies and offices
  • Public parks and plazas
  • Museums and galleries
  • Educational institutions
  • Special events and exhibitions

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