Capturing Our Living Legacy on an Infinity Cube

A surreal, mixed reality art collection unfolding piece-by-piece over the 6,000 days leading to 2030. 

Project details

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Own a VINE, Unite Humanity

We’re on a quest to connect every human on earth through a shared art-collecting challenge. Hold a VINE, Share a VINE, Grow the Message.

Collectible, Connectable

VINE Cards

Collect all the VINE cards to complete the four sides of the infinity CUBE and gain access to the final chapter.

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Merch & Wall Art

Customize Yours

Create a unique and personalized piece by moving and scaling the image to your preference, thousands of possibilities!

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Digital Collectables

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Get ready to Immerse yourself in uncharted realms and connect with surprising experiences that redefine the boundaries of art, technology, and human connection!

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