Grapevine Wall

Art That Connects Us

Transform Your Space and Perspective

Indulge your environment with a piece of the award-winning Grapevine Wall art series from visionary artist Craig Tilley.

This vibrant collection offers a unique opportunity to bring captivating, interactive art to your home, public spaces, and events.


Wall Art

VINE Wall Art features hand-drawn, surreal illustrations that capture human experiences and current events. These pieces connect to form the Infinity Cube masterpiece, offering an epic multi-layer experience.


VINE Murals are large-scale, custom reproductions from the intricate Grapevine Wall illustrations. These transform entire walls into immersive storytelling canvases, perfect for public spaces, lobbies, or event venues.


VINE Interactive Displays combine physical art with augmented reality, allowing viewers to interact with the artwork through mobile devices. These displays bring the hand-drawn VINES to life with dynamic AR animations.


The VINE Cards are 320 interconnected artworks forming four sides of the Infinity Cube, each representing a moment in a 6,000-day journey to 2030, with augmented reality bringing the evolving narrative to life.

Unique Features

Immersive Storytelling

Each VINE is part of a 6,000-day narrative, offering a unique perspective on humanity's captivating journey into 2030.

Interactive Experience

Augmented reality animations bring the artwork to life, creating an engaging, multi-dimensional art experience.

Timely and Relevant

Infused with current events and future insights, the art resonates with contemporary audiences and sparks meaningful conversations.

Visionary Perspective

Craig's unique vision, influenced by his experience with Stargardt's disease, offers fresh insights and challenges conventional viewpoints..

Evolving Artwork

As part of a larger project, each interconnecting VINE grows in meaning and value as the full Grapevine Wall story unfolds in real-time.

Legacy Creation

By displaying this art, you're contributing to a project that aims to inspire and educate future generations.

Adaptable to Various Spaces

These pieces adapt to various settings - public areas, corporate environments, or events - while maintaining their powerful impact.

Conversation Catalyst

The thought-provoking nature of the art encourages dialogue and opens the door to community engagement.

Fusion of Art and Technology

Hand-drawn artistry meets innovative AR technology, positioning your space at the forefront of artistic trends.

Support for Artistic Innovation

Your acquisition directly supports an artist dedicated to redefining the boundaries of art and human connection.

This is Big!

By owning a piece of the Wall, you join a global community shaping history through immersive, augmented reality-enhanced art that bridges technology and human experience.

The Grapevine Wall is a 6,000-day art project culminating in 2030, with 386 VINES forming an Infinity Cube canvas that chronicles our journey. 

Elevate your environment with art that sparks conversation, encourages reflection, and offers a window into possible future scenarios.

Craig Tilley's unique vision, shaped by his journey with Stargardt's disease, provides a fresh lens through which to view our world and our potential.

Invest in more than just art – invest in a legacy of inspiration that will resonate with generations to come.

A Message from the Artist

As the creator of the Grapevine Wall, I invite you to join me on this extraordinary journey through time and human experience. Each VINE is not just a piece of art, but a window into our collective story - past, present, and future.

By bringing this art into your space, you're not only acquiring a visually stunning piece, but you're also becoming part of a larger narrative that seeks to inspire, connect, and provoke thought. My hope is that these artworks will spark conversations, challenge perspectives, and ultimately contribute to a brighter future for us all.

Thank you for considering the Grapevine Wall for your space. Together, we can create environments that not only captivate the eye but also engage the mind and touch the soul.

Let's use art to reconnect.

Craig Tilley

Ideal For:

  • Private Homes and Buildings
  • Corporate lobbies and offices
  • Public parks and plazas
  • Museums and galleries
  • Educational institutions
  • Special events and exhibitions