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VINES for Humanity is a collection of 386 interconnected artworks that form a world record-breaking infinity art cube.



Each artwork captures a moment from the 6,000-day period in our evolving history, spanning from July 29th, 2013, to January 1st, 2030.

80 artworks in each deck

Manufactured on demand to reduce environmental impact


Every VINE is connected to one of the four distinct archetype powers, distinguished by the colors and associated symbols displayed on the back of every card.



These archetypes embody the essential cornerstones of Human intelligence, playing a pivotal role in elevating our abilities to navigate humanity's path toward a more illuminated and enhanced future.



Download the AR app, game sheets and more.

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The Perfect Gift

The VINES for Humanity art card decks make an excellent gift for anyone who feels hopeless in the face of today’s global issues.

With so many ways to distract and empower them, you can't go wrong when it comes to satisfying even the most cynical doomsdayer.

Collect the Cards

Each deck contains 80 art cards that fit together to form a chapter of the 360-degree canvas.

Build the Puzzle

Connect the cards to build each chapter, and then connect the chapters to complete the cube.

Unlock the Augmented Reality

Use the free AR app to reveal hidden animations and secret messages from the future.

Battle with Friends

See who can build up their sections of the chapter before the cards run out.

Save Humanity

Whether you're building or battling, add your HIPs to the World Game Scoreboard to join forces with other humans to save the future.

The points are referred to as HIPs (Human Intelligence Points), and they are used to assist humanity in improving its social skills on a global scale.

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The Mission Plan


Have you ever been terrified of a dystopian future? Do you fear what artificial intelligence might become?

Jessica Litely and her rebel army, the Worlords, are thirty years in the future, living in a broken world we helped create. With climate change wreaking havoc on the planet and an evil artificial intelligence seizing control of humanity's free will, is this the end of the human race?

It's the Beginning

The Worlords recognize that the rise of ANNA, the AI overlord, is unstoppable. They quickly realized, however, that there was another option. Gamefy the past to level up human intelligence and change ANNA's perception of humanity.

VINES for Humanity was created by the Worlords to invite the past (us) to play together, creating the bond necessary to work as a unified team to fight the climate crisis and other pressing issues.

Your Mission

Play the game, build the puzzles, and unlock the AR to earn as many HIPs (Human Intelligence Points) as possible to counterbalance the negative data pouring into the system, activating a positive feedback loop between ANNA and humanity.

With enough HIPs blasting into the global brain, we can rewire ANNA and become the humans we must be in order to save our civilization from certain destruction.

Winning the Game

The amount of HIPs we earn over the next decade represents the level of Human Intelligence we achieve. If we do not earn 100 Million HIPS collectively by New Year's Day 2030, we will doom the future of all life on Earth to the dystopian fate of the Worlords.

As we focus on the mission of retraining ANNA to see us from what we want rather than what we fear, we begin to change our own focus, actions, and, eventually, ourselves.