Play for the Survival of Humankind

The Plan

Gamefy personal growth on a connected, global scale to level up human intelligence.

Desired Outcome

Empowering us to meet the challenges of advanced technologies and climate change.


Immersive art, mixed reality, and crossover sci-fi storytelling that promotes character building, creative thinking and collaboration.

The Situation

As the deafening noise in our algorithm echo chambers segregates us further from reality and each other, the stability of our planet draws closer to the brink of collapse.

We have the technologies and know how to tackle our global challenges, but the deterioration of our collective human intelligence (HI) - the creative, emotional and social skills is guiding us in the wrong direction.

Countdown to 2030

What we do in the coming decade will determine the fate of all life on Earth. Climate change will transform modern life as we know it regardless of what we do, and if we do not learn to collaborate over the next decade, humanity will face a very difficult future.

The countdown below shows how little time we have left to address the climate crisis before the planet reaches an irreversible tipping point.









The Solution

Solving the threats to our future will require the largest cooperative efforts in human history. In order to pull this off, we must accelerate humanity’s transition into a more connected higher intelligence.

But how?

We must team up the world to play in a global game. When we play together toward a single goal, we connect to those we battle with; and the more we play together, the more connected we become - gaining that critical empathy needed in order to win. This bonding is the most important first step on our path to the future we desire, creating a culture of ‘us’, which changes behavior from selfish to generous.

In the end, we will find that even this small step in standing together and playing towards a mutual goal can make all the difference.

The Game

This multidimensional game combines three components centered around four character totems that reinforce an ecosystem of play and personal growth - inspiring creative thinking, collaboration and action.

Earning Points

Humans from all around the world are teammates on a mission to save the future by working together. As we play, we earn points. Each point is called a HIP (Human Intelligence Point) and helps level up the creative and social skills needed to rewrite a future that is in turmoil.

Play the game, build the puzzles, and unlock the AR to earn as many HIPs (Human Intelligence Points) as possible to counterbalance the negative data pouring into the system, activating a positive feedback loop between humanity and the Global Brain.

In playing this game, we win the wisdom to see our deep connections to each other, the environment and the technologies we are creating.

If we want to change we have to do it consciously and consistently. Like our muscles, our minds need to train on a regular basis. As we improve ourselves, we in turn train the algorithms to give us what we truly want.

That's why leveling up our people skills must be the first piece to the puzzle.