Time Lapse

Decoding Babel
November 25, 2018
POP Culture
October 30, 2018

Time Lapse was grown from Ides of March and Time Bandits

W e believe we can trade time like a commodity or control it around our linear schedules.

There are countless definitions of time, yet time itself is a mystery. The only thing we can be sure of is what we do with our time is where the true value resides.

When we allow ourselves to ignore outer noise and look deep inside our inner cognitive existence, we discover time can be managed through trained forms if consciousness. I believe momentary lapses of time, where you lose yourself in what you love, is a powerful practice that teaches you to see beyond normal perception and pulls you into an infinite space where time stands still.

Our minds cannot understand what time will bring in the future. Will our brains be utilized for rational thought and knowledge mastery, or something entirely foreign to us today? Only time will tell.

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