Decoding Babel

Mixed Reality
December 8, 2018
Time Lapse
November 9, 2018

Decoding Babel was grown from More Slaw, Molecular Playground and Neural Linked

W hile the internet has given everyone a voice, it has also brought a tidal wave of misinformation. Now there is a bigger threat to the system.

Photoshop has us doubting our eyes, but what happens when we can’t rely on other senses? AI is now ingenious at creating fake audio and video that’s difficult to distinguish from reality.

Perhaps the most disturbing (and humorous) example is the fabricated video of former president Barack Obama talking via Jordan Peele using AI to make Obama deliver a PSA about fake news:

With synthesized speech sounding more real, this technology is creating a whole new reality. In November 2018 we were introduced to the world's first AI news anchor in China:

In the hyper-connected global communication network we are creating, there will be many hurdles to jump as we learn to live in a world where we can no longer believe our own senses. This will grow into touch and perception as mixed reality becomes a part of our everyday lives.

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