Time Bandits

December 14, 2017
Escape Velocity
November 21, 2017

Time Bandits was grown from Catalyst

E ach tick of the clock is an echo reminding us of how we spend time in our brief existence in a vast universe of chaos and beauty.

We often find ourselves in a complacent state of conformity in the daily routines of our lives. So I ask you, do you merely exist or are you living a purposeful life?

Purposeful living means something different to each of us. I challenge you to look inside and find what drives you. What you would jump out of bed to do each day even if you weren’t getting paid to do it?

Find that purpose. Remember that feeling and start each day in a state of gratitude and grace. It won’t be easy at first, but soon it will be your base…your cornerstone for how you live your life and treat others. Get focused on the difference you are making. Does what you are doing have a higher purpose?

Perhaps instead of asking the question if there was a purpose in life, we could ask ourselves 'What do I choose to do with my life to maximize the unique gifts I have been given?'

We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, so time to pause....to reflect about yourself and your life. Now go live an extraordinary existence.

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