Gods and Worms

Neural Linked
September 20, 2018
August 22, 2018

Gods and Worms was grown from See Level and Fertility

W hile our consciousness makes us aware of the inevitability of our demise, could it also give us the power to defeat death itself?

If the predictions are correct, humanity will have the ability to create and alter just about anything in the physical world, including our own bodies, creating a world where literally anything is possible.

“We have the mental capacity to ponder the infinite, seemingly capable of anything, yet we’re housed in these heart-pumping, breath gasping, decaying bodies.” – Jason Silva

How do we bridge the finite (us) with the infinite (the universe) beyond our consciousness to comprehend? It seems the faster technology advances, the closer we get to answering this question.

Once we have the power of the gods, our creative and social intelligence will become the most important aspect of what makes us human.

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