June 29, 2017
Fool’s Gold
July 17, 2017

Fertility was grown from Abyss and Decoy

F ertility means more than just the quality or state of being fertile. It is the state of being open. When you have a fertile environment, you have a place where open, honest conversations can turn into impactful actions.

​​A fertile mind is full of ideas. Encourage your kids’ curiosity, so they can keep dreaming and solving big problems. Embrace a stranger’s story. Clear your mind and really listen. You may be pleasantly surprised by what will happen inside.

And finally, love everyone equally. We are one tribe, living together, clinging to a green and blue ball of rock as we fall through an eternal expanse of stars at approximately 460 meters a second.

Kinda puts things into perspective, huh? This makes the love for my little tribe of co-creators, collaborators, partners and patrons that much stronger. We are one and having some fun. I hope you are enjoying this process and this journey together.

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