April 30, 2020
March 31, 2020

Matriarch was grown from Free Frawl and Domesticated

A midst the rubble of a beaten-down economy will emerge new leadership and a chance to redefine what is important to us.

Moving away from profit-based valuation will be based upon new drivers steering us towards what is helpful for people, planet and purpose. Led by a new generation forged from the COVID-19 pandemic, this resurgence of humanity will initially resemble a revolution, as it forms into a renaissance over the next few years.

The importance of economic growth alone will be seen as a failure as the new paradigm is to be more human...more alive...collaborative.

There is about to be a major shift from a generation worried about the next 24 hours, to the long-term thinking of the next 24 years. This will create the massive shift in human consciousness needed to navigate the speed of technological growth.

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