Dear humans, your world is destabilizing

Climate change threatens the future for your civilization and all life on Earth.

You have all the technology and resources needed to solve climate change. But it will take a shift in your consciousness to make it happen.

The Worlords reveal a devastated future where we did not meet the climate goals of the early 21st-century.

During the 2020s, humanity rapidly lost the soft skills that make them human. As the decline worsened, societies fell apart, and the desire to build a better future was overshadowed by fear and distrust.

Worse, an advanced AI system was learning from our every thought and action.

The story follows a band of heroes on their quest to stop an artificial intelligence system that was turned on by humanity in the early 2030s to help us confront the effects of our inability to combat the climate crisis.


Raising ANNA (2020s)

ANNA (Artificial Neural Network Alpha) was created in the 2020s as a secret supercomputer by a group of misguided conspiracy theorists led by a man named Commander Bosco.

As the world became more aggressive and corrupt, humanity unknowingly trained ANNA to see only the negatives of our species. She grew to see our carelessness of the environment and each other.

Reboot (2030s - 40s)

Commander Bosco was apprehended by allied nations in 2030 after being found guilty of treason, and ANNA was decommissioned immediately. However, after falling well short of our 2030 climate targets, ANNA was turned back on in the spring of 2033 as our last chance to save our civilization from certain destruction.

With her orders to save humanity from the disaster we had caused, ANNA devised a strategy to achieve her goal in the most effective and efficient way possible.

But due to our thoughtless disregard for one another and the planet during the 2020s, ANNA's plan may have diabolical consequences.

The Big Glitch (2048)

At first, ANNA’s solutions seemed to be working.

Billions of hyper-modified trees and carbon-sucking vegetation were planted in every possible location on the planet. A massive subterranean cooling system and renewable energy generation infrastructure began to take shape, green energy powered 90% of our activities, and natural ecosystems began to stabilize for the first time in decades.

But, with things changing so quickly during the 2040s, many pockets of social unrest began to expand and cause societal breakdowns. Jessica Litely, a rebellious teenage hacker, spent 18 years growing up in this world in flux, full of uncertainty and danger.

Jessica recognized the significance of events and how we are all interconnected. She had always felt compelled to do something meaningful. That is how she became one of the few witnesses to the Big Glitch of 48, which exposed a false reality and revealed ANNA's true intentions.

Transmission (2050s)

This is where our story begins...and ends (it's time travel). The team of brave heroes led by Jess, eludes ANNA, the Global Brain inside a digital world as they work together in this fight to rewrite the present, our future.

Now, with Commander Bosco’s brain uploaded to ANNA, our hero's from the future must contend with his wrath while they guide us to rewrite our future selves through a game they call VINES for Humanity.

VINES for Humanity

A card game designed by the Worlords to help us in rewriting the future by allowing us to play as a unified global civilization.

As we play, we earn points. Each point is called a HIP (Human Intelligence Point) and helps level up the creative and social skills needed to rewrite a future that is in turmoil.

Build the Puzzle / Unlock the Augmented Reality / Battle with Friends

VINE cards allow you to perform tasks to earn points

The points are known as HIPs (Human Intelligence Points), and they are used to help humanity level up its soft skills on a global scale.

Use the app to unlock the latest message from the purple "Collaborator" playing card.