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Messages from the Future

Set in the year 2050, the protagonist—a teenage hacker—is exposed to a system glitch that reveals the truth behind the Global Brain, an artificial neural network called ANNA, tasked to save humanity from the perils of climate change.


ANИA (Artificial Neural Network Alpha) started as a secret supercomputer formed in the late 2020s by a band of misguided conspiracy theorists led by failed 90's TV star, Kevin Sorbo.

Sorbo and his army called the SOBs flooded the headlines with outrageous allegations in efforts to expose the false claims of the UN using climate CHANGE in order to construct a single global government.

After being found guilty of treason, allied nations took Sorbo and his SOBs down, and ANИA was decommissioned. However, ANИA was switched back on in 2033 in our last efforts to solve the world's issues after we missed our climate goals.

It worked! She fixed everything. In the 2040’s we found ourselves in a utopia that would seem completely science fiction in your time.

But 2 years ago, in 2048, this false reality came crashing down for a small group of individuals that have become a team on a mission to save humanity from certain destruction.

Now, this team of brave heroes eludes ANИA, the Global Brain inside a digital world as they work together in this fight to rewrite the present, our future.

On January 1st, 2020, they opened this wormhole thru time and space to deliver these messages to us every 10 days.

We cannot stop the rise of the Global Brain, so we must retrain it to see humans as a united global civilization.

What will the future look like? Considering all the imminent threats of exponential growth, climate change, and social unrest that seem to be consuming humanity, how do we prevent the complete destruction of our civilization? Luckily we have these brave heroes from the future to guide us!