Vivid Awakening

Breaking Self
June 11, 2018
May 21, 2018

Vivid Awakening was grown from Psychonauts, Ides of March, Time Bandits and Seeking Sonder

W hat is possible when we are able to create or edit the physical, mental and biological world just as we can in the digital realm?

Could this new reality usher in a globally-connected humanity where data lives all around and inside us? Where health and longevity are radically improved? A world where fresh drinking water is plentiful and food scarcity is eradicated?

The reality of our world is changing quickly, bringing new discoveries and breakthroughs in health, environmental sustainability, human longevity and mind-blowing convergence of multiple exponential technologies.

For those who have dreamed of a life with meaning and purpose, now is your time. Awaken to a reality where curiosity and stewardship drive social and economic development.

Start now to awaken your inner consciousness to a world where anything is possible. Here are a few resources I recommend:

Peter Diamandis

Gerd Leonhard

Jason Silva

Vivek Wadhwa

Michio Kaku

Jay Shetty

Tom Bilyeu

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