October 3, 2016
Maiden Voyage
October 3, 2016

Turmoil was grown from the lines drawn by some special co-creators at The North Gwinnett Arts Association (NGAA)

W e are in a time of great change, bringing uncertainty, fear and resistance. Those who fight through these battles will be the leaders of tomorrow.

We have a moral duty to muster our courage and join this fight. Fossil fuel consumption must not be based on measuring the finite reserves available, but rather in its effects on our planet as we pump these toxins into our atmosphere.

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VINE Co-creators

The number next to each co-creator’s name coincides with their number on the canvas.

  1. Jennifer Andall
  2. Chris DeJaegher
  3. Gary Webster
  4. Robert Foresman
  5. Alan Zarter
  6. Ane Mulligan
  7. Brandy Posey
  8. Kitt Sermprungsuk
  9. Terry Mulligan
  10. Caron Burnette
  11. Jimmy Burnette - Mayor, Suwanee, GA
  12. Vickie Johnson
  13. Hans Frabel
  14. David Copeland
  15. Chris Johnson
  16. David Phillips

Drag the center arrow to reveal the numbered lines and completed VINE.