Maiden Voyage

October 3, 2016
March On
October 3, 2016

Maiden Voyage was grown from the lines drawn by the participants at the Suwanee Wine Festival on October 4, 2014.

A s a tidal wave of new innovations races past our reluctance to move forward, our female leaders will guide us through the uncharted waters with compassion, conviction and hope.

It will take strength and determination from all of us to make this transition. However, some girl-power is in order to help inject more patience and compassion into the system. When we build this foundation, we are more prepared to address many tough decisions ahead.

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VINE Co-creators

The number next to each co-creator’s name coincides with their number on the canvas.

  1. Laura Griffiths
  2. Amy Reed
  3. Scott Cahalan
  4. Rob Willis
  5. Teresa Perez
  6. Julie Whelan
  7. Dedric Thomas
  8. James Scott
  9. Lorraine Wharton
  10. Debbie Fuller

Drag the center arrow to reveal the numbered lines and completed VINE.