Poisonous Frogs

Through the Moon
February 28, 2022
March 30, 2022

Poisonous Frogs was grown from Solace in Wonderland and Crest

T he red flags that warn of civilization's worst toxins cannot be ignored, just as a poisonous frog advertises its danger to predators by flashing dazzling colors.

Humankind will begin to find it increasingly difficult to cope as we begin to see the actual impact of war on financial systems and supply networks, as well as the repercussions of a sudden halt in our constructed economy, which supports expansion at all costs.

The world's bright future is quickly dimming, as stock and cryptocurrency values plunge and oil prices rise. While this may serve as a spark for the emergence of a new type of capitalism and sustainability, the appeal of the metaverse will serve as the essential diversion we require.

The frogs caution us as we approach this digital escape. Will we heed their warnings, or will we continue to make bad choices as we retreat into a world designed to control us in order to soothe our minds?

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