Layer Cake
March 30, 2022
Poisonous Frogs
February 28, 2022

Pendemic was grown from Messengers and Crypto Kings

W e want the pandemic to be over, but it remains a global threat affecting all connected countries.

This month, we are getting a glimpse of the most contagious COVID variant yet, which has shut down China's largest city, forcing residents to lock down as inflation soars.

The problem is that there isn't enough green energy available…not even close. To generate enough green hydrogen to cover a fourth of the world's energy needs would require more electricity than the world currently generates from all of its energy sources, as well as an extra $11 trillion in production and storage.

We are unlikely to stop the pandemic this year. It will continue to cycle, and hopefully the odds will remain in our favor.

Here's an example of a possible scenario: In the ongoing battle for normalcy, the elderly, the ill, and the sick continue to become infected and die, providing an ideal breeding ground for new variants to emerge and fueling an ostensibly perpetual pandemic.

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