Through the Moon

Electro Lyzers
January 30, 2022
Poisonous Frogs
February 28, 2022

Through the Moon was grown from Crypto Kings

W hile I believe in the galactic potential, crypto is bound to be at the mercy of regulations and our human mentality in the short term.

Whereas the rest of the world awaits the next step in blockchain technology, savvy brands and creators are rushing to digitize everything. This "meta rush" is being fueled by Web 3, an open source, decentralized playground that fosters innovation, unrestricted creativity, and collaboration.

Music and gaming will bring realistic pricing models and reconstruct the narrative of crypto's potential for artists and communities. high fees and energy consumption, it may be overtaken if it does not successfully transition to staking soon.

However, like Prodigy, Compuserve and AOL from the past, most of the crypto currencies and web 3 pioneers will become the necessary casualties en route to the ultimate destination. Not just to the moon, but through it.

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