February 13, 2018
January 10, 2018

Hearty was grown from Monoculture and Seeking Sonder

I n a world of finite resources and growing population, how can we possibly accept the utopic vision of healthy food for all? The answer lies within our own human innovation.

Along with a global coalition working to fix the supply chain, there are major technological advances changing how we grow, distribute and consume healthy food for everyone. These solutions will create abundant, nutrition-rich food for a sustainable planet and strong human healthspan.

While industrialized agriculture has been a great propeller for economic growth, this outdated system can no longer sustain quantity nor quality.

The economic cost of healthcare alone makes our current food systems worldwide unsustainable. Our food has seen a depletion of nutrition of over 40%, while the increase in artificial ingredients and preservatives has contributed to a massive global epidemic of obesity and chronic diseases.

Environmentally, our current production-consumption system of take-make-waste consumption practices are no longer sustainable. 70% of water use is for growing crops, and our food system contributes to one fourth of greenhouse gas emissions. On top of this, one third of food produced isn’t even eaten.

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