April 29, 2019
Carrots and Sticks
March 29, 2019

Hardwired was grown from Fluff Flingers, Decoding Babel and Bending Reality

W hat will we gain when we allow ourselves to fully converge into our digital constructed world? More time? Less boredom? Eternal life?

What do we lose? Human connection, empathy, all sense of reality? Will our ability to connect anytime anywhere leave us the freedom to have richer relationships with more diverse people and cultures around the world?

We are bringing another four billion people online in the next few years. Will we have made the necessary progress toward a healthy human-technology partnership to enlighten these new minds into the mainframe, or will our infectious fear-led biases ignite a plague of emotional conflict and separation?

As we become more entangled in the Global digital reality, we must level up our social intelligence to ensure a brilliant space for those tapping into the system after us.

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