Half Full

POP Culture
October 30, 2018
More Slaw
September 26, 2018

Half Full was grown from Serenity and Ides of March

W e often look at certain situations optimistically (half full) or pessimistically (have empty), but how do we look at our overall lives?

Whether or not you carry yourself in optimism, there is an underlying factor that can determine a more fulfilled life. While optimism allows you to look at the world through the eyes of hope, the fuel for this way of thinking must come from a deeper place.

Living in fulfillment allows us to overcome the difficulties of maintaining an optimistic point of view. Understanding that fulfillment comes from an awareness of presence in a world abundant with opportunities to do or be whatever you want.

Often, we are too afraid or busy to define what makes us whole. But we can learn to live more in the moment and rebuild our childish boundless mindset. Once we do this, we discover the joy in helping others, and the more we practice, the more we want others to have this gift.

So fill your glass full with gratitude, persistence, and an understanding to enjoy the process of growing. It is a lifelong journey.

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