Eternal Spring

July 30, 2018
Molecular Playground
June 21, 2018

Eternal Spring was grown from Fluff Flingers and Breaking Self

C urrently, the world’s supply of fresh water is inadequate to meet the needs of a growing population. But is this how the story ends?

A new story is emerging that will provide safe drinking water. While desalinization has been around for decades, this process has been very expensive and extremely energy intensive.

Today, carbon nanotubes are making it possible to make reusable filters that are more effective and efficient at desalinization and removing organic pollutants to generate fresh drinking water.

Scientists have also created a device that uses nanotechnology to pull fresh water from the sky. Our planet’s atmosphere holds more water than all its rivers combined. It’s not just in fog and clouds. The air itself is full of tiny water particles too small to see and this means this technology works in even the driest places on earth.

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