Crypto Kings

January 30, 2022
December 28, 2021

Crypto Kings was grown from Blockchain Gang

W e mark 2021 as the year cryptocurrency officially broke free from the yoke and entered the mainstream.

Bitcoin is currently the king, up more than 60% this year, but its proportion of the crypto market decreased considerably over 2021, while other tokens skyrocketed.

Is there going to be a new ruler on the block? If you look at the diamonds on the crown, Ethereum appears to be taking on this role. However, due to its high fees and energy consumption, it may be overtaken if it does not successfully transition to staking soon.

More eco-friendly chains are forming, and thousands of applications are being deployed on these open source developer networks, fuelled by $30 billion in venture capital, which is more than the previous decade's crypto-space spending combined.

I believe the year 2022 will be the litmus test for both blockchain and the planet. Through cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, tokens, Dynamic NFTs, and DAOs, the blockchain network can be utilized to fund and activate the next generation of climate action.

Let’s just hope the governments and crypto kings can rally behind this.

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