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January 30, 2022
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December 28, 2021

Messengers was grown from Breach and Blockchain Gang

M essenger RNA (mRNA) is a genetic molecule that occurs in all of the body's cells and instructs them to produce the proteins required for it to operate.

Research into mRNA vaccines to treat infectious diseases like covid-19 has been going on for decades. This is how Moderna was able to produce a vaccine candidate just over a month after Chinese scientists published the virus’s sequencing.

But what else could these messengers be used for?

For decades, companies like Moderna have been developing mRNA-based medications for the treatment of cardiovascular disease and cancer, but their products have yet to be approved for human use. Then COVID came along, and now hundreds of firms are forming to harness these technologies for a variety of purposes.

Consider how mRNA treatments could be designed to train a person's immune system to attack a specific type of cancer or target protein deficits in certain organs, all while avoiding the hazardous side effects of standard drugs. This is possible, and it may happen sooner than you expect.

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