August 30, 2020
July 30, 2020

Contamination was grown from Kernel, Obscuriousity and Contagion

A s the number of deaths surges past 150,000 from COVID-19, there is another poison spreading throughout the United States.

The acceptance of corruption from our president and our government makes me question the sanity of even those closest to me. One only needs to observe the behavior of the disconnected few at the top in the most unbiased view as possible to see what is really happening.

Strip away the short term rise of your stock price. Float away from the fear of the capitalistic storyline of your white suburban lifestyle. Peel back the real reason for the new surge in racial injustice, and you will see the stoker of the fires winning the ultimate mind game for world domination.

I still have friends who praise Donald J. Trump, a narcissist so far on the spectrum, as “one of the greatest presidents in our nation's history.”

Each day, this man who has sworn to protect us sickens us with his toxic lies and manipulation as we allow him to get away with his personal agenda. The byproduct is an epidemic of fear and division that will turn into the next global pandemic if we do not turn our attention to each other, rather than the viral destruction he is orchestrating.

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