Open Call to Collaborate

Do you create 2D, 3D animations, special effects, or motion graphics?

Here's your chance to showcase your mad skills and help save the future for all life on earth.

The Details

Each playing card is animated with the unique style of an independent motion artist. The animations are unlocked using a universal AR App called Artivive.

Claim your VINE playing card and be featured every time a viewer unlocks your animation in AR. Whether as art on a wall, the playing card in their hand or on the side of a building, your animation is displayed each time the image is unlocked.

Your card is one of 389 interconnecting artworks called VINES, and a piece to a multi-layer, mixed reality puzzle card game.

Two new VINE cards are completed each month until New Year’s 2030. This will complete a 360-Degree interactive canvas and conclude an organic, real-time story of humanity's most important decade in history.

Don't be shy

All skill levels are welcome to apply

Your mission will be to choose one of the many artworks to bring to life with Augmented Reality. You will use your unique style to create a custom animation for a VINE and corresponding trading card. Limit two (2) per artist.

This opportunity is limited to the “Available" number above. It will increase as new VINES are created, and decrease as they are claimed by selected motion artists.

The Benefits

Aside from contributing to the worthy cause of saving the world, you'll surely enjoy all these special perks.

Showcase your unique style and skills to a growing global audience. Amplify your voice for the causes that matter most to you. Be seen everywhere; stickers, wall art, murals, playing cards (anywhere the image is discovered)

📈 Invest in Yourself

If you think artists should get paid, we agree. How about ongoing income potential on monthly sponsorships and your stake in the Creator Pool funded by a 10% profit share of all project revenues.




It’s extremely important for motion artists to stay relevant as the world moves more and more into mixed reality.

Thankfully, it’s not as scary as you think. I'll show you how to create for Augmented Reality and give you the image template to get working right away on your animation.

We Are @WOR

Warriors of Reality

Young creators focused on changing the world through art and storytelling.

We fight for truth!

We believe humanity cannot properly face the challenges of climate change and social injustice until we elevate our human intelligence.

This is our Declaration of WOR

Join Us in Bringing the World Together Through an Elaborate Art Collaboration

I'm looking for passionate creators to join the most ambitious collaborative art project in history in order to save our future.

The Project

The Grapevine Wall combines immersive art, gaming, and mixed reality inside a captivating sci-fi storyline to highlight the connections we share with each other, our planet, and the technologies we are creating.

Imagine what we can build together


We believe...

Climate change is the number one issue facing humanity. We believe technology is neither good nor evil, but merely a tool. We believe we have the technology to solve our climate crisis, but only if we act now.

Our realities include the changing climate, social inequality, and the surveillance economy...just to name a few.

Creativity is our superpower. We use our art to tell stories that create change.