April 30, 2020
March 31, 2020

Cascade was grown from Pandemic and Divine Interpreter

I n good times, bad news travels fast. In hard times, it’s the good news that catches our attention.

The more we are saturated in shock and fear, the more we crave the comfort of normalcy. Now, with the possibility of the worst being over from the invisible threat of the virus, will we choose to cling back to the sound bites of those who fit our personal ways of thinking rather than embrace the possibilities of new alternatives?

There are two paths we are now upon as the world gets back to the routine of modern life. We can go back to the old ways of unsustainable modern capitalism or choose to take a more renaissance approach and find creative ways where our work is about our contribution to the world rather than feeding the economic monster.

We will know we are on the wrong path when blame and nationalism dominate the airways and stifle an already fragile population.

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