Early Bird
October 3, 2016
March On
October 3, 2016

Generations was grown from the lines drawn by the participants listed below at Suwanee Fest on Sept. 19, 2015

W hile time brings wisdom, it also fosters complacency. Will our fears and media-molded denial paralyze us as we watch our children and grandchildren forge ahead toward an uncertain future?

You will see a figure at the bottom...a grandmother. She is dying, represented by the white dove. Engulfed in the space above her, stands her daughter with her own son on her back. At the top is the grandmother’s son; he is reaching for his wife on the far left, representing future generations. The large and small fish seem to be very important, representing the need to insure the survival of our oceans and food supply.

Do you see the large dinosaur head filling up most of the canvas? Dinosaurs on the Grapevine Wall represent the fossil fuel industry and our reliance on these fuels. This dinosaur is being overcome by the generations…a good direction.

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VINE Co-creators

The number next to each co-creator’s name coincides with their number on the canvas.

  1. Andy Roussey
  2. Chris Tilley
  3. Eric Tilley
  4. Geoff & Rachel Schmalz
  5. Steve Chappell
  6. Jacob Sosebee

Drag the center arrow to reveal the numbered lines and completed VINE.