Miner’s Daughter
July 31, 2019
June 10, 2019

Echonomics was grown from Activate, Carrots and Sticks and Breaking Self

T he endless stream from recommendation engines, social networks and media outlets is creating a culture of division and short-sightedness.

Massive data mining and our insatiable need to be connected 24/7 is a recipe for disaster, as powerful algorithms serve our bias views back to us on a silver platter.

These systems allow advertisers, politicians and radical extremists to force-feed messages into the narrow silos of our deafening echo chambers – creating a feedback loop that reduces our ability to form empathy for those with different viewpoints.

And now with Amazon’s launch of “Personalize” (a fully managed AI-powered recommendation service), this is about to get out of control. Layer the inevitable AI voice assistants on top of this, and we will lose our self-will to the tools we are creating.

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