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About the Project

The Grapevine Wall explores the connections we have to each other, our planet and the technologies we are creating. It pieces together our puzzling path into a time of great change.

17 Years , 389 VINES , 5 Chapters

Each month until 2030, two new VINES emerge, growing the canvas and revealing two pieces to our puzzling story.

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Chapter 1: "The Revelation" (2013 - 2017)

While many knew about climate change and sustainable technologies for decades, we witnessed a surge of enlightenment and historical action leading to an explosion of deceptive technologies gaining critical traction.

Chapter 2 "The Awakening" (2017 - 2021)

We are witnessing advancements faster than ever before. A convergence of advanced technologies growing exponentially has entered the disruptive stage.

Chapter 3 "The Revolution" (2021 - 2024), Chapter 4 "The Rebuild" (2024 - 2027), Chapter 5 "The Final Exam" (2027 - 2030)

Technology will soon allow us to create like gods. However, this power has equal strength to destroy. We must be what changes....and we have a very limited window of time to do it.

The Great Transition

The future of humanity will be defined by how we grow our human intelligence over the next decade.

Once we realize we have the technology right now to sustainably serve everyone on the planet, will we choose to do everything for 100% of humanity?


The final VINE will be revealed on New Year's Eve, 2029

When the clock strikes 12:00, will we have passed the test or will the relentless plague of fear and anxiety turn our technologies into the tools that destroy us?


Will we have reached a new level of human consciousness?

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Countdown to 2030

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Total HIPs Goal by 2030

Artist, Craig Tilley


The Project

M y work is based around humanity's journey into a hyper-connected, technologically advanced future, highlighting those making a difference in the world and inspiring communities to take on impactful challenges with courage, creativity, and compassion. Each VINE and public exhibition connects to a growing vision for a future centered on social, economic and environmental sustainability.

In ensuring that a world with greater technology is also a world of greater humanity, it’s up to us -- as individuals, innovators and organizations -- to make sure that humanity is at the forefront. With the world at our fingertips, we the people, with the help of technology are what will create the world we wish to see beyond 2030.

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The Flow Space

Life is a continuous experiment, welcome to the lab

The Flow Space is my vision where breakthroughs happen. It is a community art exhibition that invites the public to experience a safe, open-minded environment to create connections and cultivate a new reality of personal and social progress.

Experiment with new ideas

Collaborate with others

Embrace change

You will grow

You will change lives

Your life will change

A new level of creative and social intelligence is needed to grow alongside our exponential technological advancements, and allow us to ask better questions and make decisions to benefit the good of all; planet, people and prosperity.

My goal with the Flow Space is to generate transformational experiences to create a culture and community around creativity, courage and compassion.



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