Each month, two new VINES are created and added to the Wall

The VINES piece together our developing journey into 2030

The final VINE will be revealed on New Year's Eve, 2029

Once complete, five walls will form a massive 360˚ art canvas, completing the five chapters of our journey into 2030.

Best of luck to us all...we're gonna need it!



Bring the VINES to life with Augmented Reality


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Includes all 80 Chapter One VINES, Action Cards, instructions and more

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About the Project

The Grapevine Wall explores the connections we have to each other, our planet and the technologies we are creating. It pieces together our puzzling path into a time of great change.

17 Years , 389 VINES , 5 Chapters

Each month until 2030, two new VINES emerge, growing the canvas and revealing two pieces to our puzzling story.

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Chapter 1: "The Revelation" (2013 - 2017)

While many knew about climate change and sustainable technologies for decades, we witnessed a surge of enlightenment and historical action leading to an explosion of deceptive technologies gaining critical traction.

Chapter 2 "The Awakening" (2017 - 2021)

We are witnessing advancements faster than ever before. A convergence of advanced technologies growing exponentially has entered the disruptive stage.

Chapter 3 "The Revolution" (2021 - 2024), Chapter 4 "The Rebuild" (2024 - 2027), Chapter 5 "The Final Exam" (2027 - 2030)

Technology will soon allow us to create like gods. However, this power has equal strength to destroy. We must be what changes....and we have a very limited window of time to do it.

The Great Transition

The future of humanity will be defined by how we grow our human intelligence over the next decade.