The Grapevine Wall is a social art experiment and global community for those looking to cultivate a life of creativity and purpose.

It is a gateway to a new level of thinking, preparing you for a fast approaching future where anything is possible.

Big "Hello" and thank you to all the wonderful new people I met Saturday. Thanks for coming out and providing me your feedback on the Flow Space concept. Looking forward to many amazing updates to share with you ahead.

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Countdown to 2030

We are the Transitioners. The future of our civilization will be defined by what we do over the next decade as we transition from the industrial age to the globally connected digital age. Each VINE on the Wall tells a piece of this defining moment in time.

The canvas is shaped by our actions, forming an organic 360-degree real-time documentary of humanity’s journey into a hyper-connected, digitized, global civilization.

New Year’s Eve, 2029

The final VINE will be completed. The project started over five years ago and will continue until 2030 with two New VINES added to the Wall each month.

How will it end?

The answer is within us. We control this storyline. We can create a wonderful story, it starts with how you see the world.

The Future is Here!

Convergence of Exponential Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Bio Engineering, Nanotechnologies, Renewable Energy, Human Longevity, and New Realities in the Emerging Experience Economy

A Race to Human Intelligence 2.0

As we enter a new era of sustainable abundance and human progress, a clear understanding of ethics and values is crucial to guide us as we encounter new exponential challenges and opportunities.

A new level of creative and social intelligence is needed to grow alongside these exponential technological advancements, and allow us to ask better questions and make decisions to benefit the good of all; planet, people and prosperity.

My goal with this project is to generate transformational experiences to create a culture and community around creativity, courage and compassion.

We're in Chapter Two

"The Awakening"

In this chapter, we are witnessing advancements faster than ever before. A convergence of advanced technologies growing exponentially has entered the disruptive stage.

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Two VINES are grown each month. Each with it's own piece to the story

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About the Artist

Craig Tilley

T here are few times in our lives when we have those “light switch” moments. You know, the ones where you can look back and define a change that transformed you? My light switch moment was in college.

At the age of 20, I experienced something that would alter the course of my life and send me on a journey that would test my faith and courage, and ultimately lead me to a place of peace and overwhelming appreciation for the marvels of life .


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