Chapter One: "The Revelation" 2013 - 2017

Chapter One - The Revelation

Chapter one, the Revelation, brought us into the realization of humanity’s impact on our ecosystems and the climate that sustains us,

Chapter Two: "The Awakening" 2017 - 2020

Chapter Two - The Awakening

Chapter Two (The Awakening) has seen a tidal wave of innovations that have crossed from the deceptive phase into the disruptive, as technological advancements collide and converge into exponential growth.

Each Chapter Contains 80 VINES


Chapter Three: "The Revolution" 2020 - 2024


The world will never go back to the way it was. While more transparency from our hyper-connected digital existence will eventually be greatly beneficial, this won’t come easy. The next 3 ½ years will be some of the most testing of our civilizations history.


While the growing Wall tells our story in real-time, the Puzzle Card Game is the tool that we can use to help us rewrite the future of humanity


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I am building out the virtual gallery and the application is currently in Beta. Please be patient with the mess and come back often to see the progress. Your feedback is warmly welcomed, and we can actually interact right in the gallery!. Thank you and please enjoy.

VirBELA - The Collective - Artist Open Call

Rewriting our future will take the largest global collaborative effort in human history.



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New Study Says If 80% of Americans Wore Masks, COVID-19 Infections Would Plummet


Each VINE Contains a Message

Captured from these real-world moments as we enter into the Great Transition


I hope to reopen the exhibit at Ponce City Market soon. Until then, stay safe and be strong

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