Taylored Demise

April 1, 2023
Love and Rockets
February 28, 2023

Taylored Demise was grown from Turning Point

W hile Britain begins to ration vegetables, America is dealing with an infestation of nutcases who want to destroy democracy itself.

Here we are, dismissing the reality that Maleficent Taylor CrayCray, a Member of OUR Congress,has effectively advocated for a new civil war - an impeachable felony at the very least.

The more we allow the media to prioritize these fanatics the further we fall back on preparing for the scarcity ahead. We must deal with numerous compounding dangers. The age of extinction and climate change are increasing the risk for food, energy, and critical innovations. And if we don't work together, we will fail miserably.

I ask you one thing. Where are these neo-confederates' plans for tackling these issues? You will not find them. Because their objective is to push us backward, and the only strategy available is chaos.

But the media won’t talk about a plan that is actually working. A plan for progress that could put America in the same position that made it the leader in the industrial revolution. It is about restoring America's status in the world, not "making it great again," but about making it a leader again.





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