June 10, 2019
May 22, 2019

Infusion was grown from Reentry and In Harmony

I f mind-blowing experiences are the essence of our human condition, why do we often pull back just before completely letting go?

When we experience moments that take our breath away, we need to learn to tap into these unseen wonders. Our minds will open to new connections and ideas, and we will become masters in a new reality.

But we don’t know who to be in this new place. It is unfamiliar territory and uncomfortable, so we start to lose the grip of this euphoric world as the voice of the familiar ego steps in.

Once you are enlightened and inspired, it’s in your hands to make it a consistent reality. It takes time to condition your mind to work with you. What you focus on determines your state, which effects your attitude and the actions you take.

Inspirational visionary, Jason Silva is someone to start following right away. Once you begin to immerse yourself in his rhythm and flow you will begin to realize we live in a much deeper, infinitely connected cosmic world of wonder and awe.

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